Wind Chime Audio Files

All files were created using chime data as MIDI note, CC, and where noted, VST parameters. Other effects were used sparingly such as reverb. Ableton live arpeggiation was used as noted. Data is manipulated as needed to remove large segments of silence, but kept relatively as is otherwise.


Chimes 1 : Patch “Cave chimes” from Sonic Couture sample library Morpheus. Composed using chime activity within 5 minute sampling of the wind on a windy spring day. Set to use pentatonic scale in Max/MSP patch. No further modification except removal of large sections of silence at beginning and ending of 5 minute span.

Chimes 2 : Uses Tingklik bamboo percussion sample library from Sonic Couture and “Cuban Percussion” patch from Native Instruments Battery 5. Max/MSP patch set to use Balinese tuning. Uses wind data recording from the same day as above, different session. This piece uses two tracks with the same note data, just separate patches. Ableton Live arpeggiator added to both tracks to create a continuous rhythmic feel based around the singular hits of the original.

Chimes 3 : Patch “Circle Bells – Mallet (wet)” from Sonic Couture sample library Circle Bells. Very first chime recording, calm day, researcher manually manipulating the chimes via the main center string. Pentatonic scale.

Chimes 4 : Self created synthesis from G-Force Oddity VST instrument. Wind chime data created via electric box fan focused on the chimes to create more consistent note triggering and a busier piece. VST parameters controlled by piezo voltage.  Byzantine Scale.

Chimes 5 : 4 tracks using 2 Native Instruments Battery tracks, “Tabla” and “Argon synthesis” patches, and 2 track of Sonic Couture Morpheus, one of the default Morpheus vibraphone sound, and one of the patch “Morpheus Fountain”. Wind chimes recorded on stormy day hanging from a tree over a 5 minute interval. Arpeggiators were placed on the Tabla track and the Morpheus Fountain track while the others remained as they were.